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What is the Standard fit like?

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Don't say go to a store and try there are no stores where I live. What is the real waist of the Standard jeans in 28? I have Diesel Viker-R-Box in 28 and it is slightly baggy around the thigh even though the description said 'Regular Slim'. However I have two Viker in 27 and they are OK. Are Seven For All Mankind Standard jeans less baggy? I don't want the 'Slimmy' by the way the leg opening looks small.

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Also is there a difference between New York Dark and Los Angeles Dark in how slim the thigh is? From the photos it seems like it... http://yfrog.com/mtnewyorklosangelesp

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The Standard, on me, is a little looser everywhere. It's a straight leg, and somewhat slim through the thighs, but by no means a skinny jean. I prefer the Slimmy. The leg opening is hardly tapered, and just fits slimmer everywhere. I have two pairs and think they look great. 


And no, the color does not affect fit. I would say those are just two different models. 

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They are a classic straight leg jean.  The wash does make a difference in fit.  Most LA Dark pairs run larger.  Since 28 is the smallest SFAM mens pairs come in I would go with a 28 NYD over LA,

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My BF has these in NY Dark, they are true to size and look great, nice straight, slightly loose leg.

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The different style from them, I found the New York Dark is larger than Los Angeles Dark.





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