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TR website

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Has anyone ever seen this site...or ordered from it?  I've asked them three times if they guarantee their jeans to be authentic & they won't answer.  I guess that's the nail on the head they are fake, right?!  They look authentic on the site, but what you get is completely different.  I don't want to order & then send them back, only to pay their 25% restocking fee for fake denim...  Anyway, here's the site.  And thanks in advance!!!




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The URL is not correct...

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They must have deleted it then.  Because I have "boxes" of sites I've visited & I just clicked on it & it wouldn't come up.  That's crazy!!!  The jeans were $85.99.  And the site looked identical to TR's website!!!!  That's why I was so leery.  Thanks for letting me know!  :)

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no matter; any domain with "true religion" in it other than the official "true religion" website is fake

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