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fake Seven tank Top?

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I bought a tank top off ebay and it is from Saks fifth avenue. I know saks carried them because I saw them in the store. I was just wondering how to tell if these are the real deal. Are there fake tanks? The tag does not say made in usa but it is not china either. I can't remember off hand. If anyone could tell me what to look for if they have one that would be great.
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What are your reasons for questioning the authenticity of this item? If you have no reasons to question it, please don't.
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Why do you have to answer so rude. I have the right to question the authenticity of something I bought on an online auction. I question it because the shirt says made in turkey. I was just looking for a little piece of mind not attitude. The please don't is really unasked for.
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Hey tjroman, just ignore Ben-he has problems! Don't let him bully you into thinking your questions are not appropriate. That forum is for helping people NOT for making them feel stupid! Ben go away!
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