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What's my size????

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So I have never tried Rock and Republic Jeans, but once I saw these shorts I had to have them for the 4th, but the problem is I have no idea what size I should get. In 7 for all mankind, hudsons, and joes i'm a size 27 and in citizens a 27-28 depending on the cut. However, for shorts in general, I usually have to go a size up...so what size should I get? Do you guys have any input for me???

Please and Thank You!!!!



Rock & Republic Simon Sexy Short in Affluent


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Stick with your tts on this pair ;) a really nice pair, good choice!

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Those shorts are a little longer when you size up so consider length as well. I have seen people size up in Simons and stay with their TTS and both have looked fine. Actually I preferred the sizing up, but it probably depends on your body type. If you don't have much of a rear/thighs you can probably stay with a 27.

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Measure your best-fitting stretch pair (aligned waist, rise, and hip) and then use this formula to determine your tts size: http://bluemington.t35.com/truetosize.html


I don't know about that particular pair of shorts, or if you'd like to wear them loose/tight/whatever, but that guide should help you determine what your actual size is, regardless of brand :)

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