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Sizing on safado

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Hello all

I am a Zatiny guy. wearing only zatinys for a long time now.

Wiching to move ovet to safados

How is the sizing of safados copared to zariny?

waist and length?

Thank you.

I Wear zatiny 31X34

Thanks A million for any input friends

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You can stick with the same size & you'll be fine!

Depends on the wash though... Some ppl like to size down on stretch wash like 8AA, 8DK..etc

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I have posted a question about new safado 8L9 sizing compared to the 8E7 ; both are denim without stretch ; I wanna order the 8L9 just released online but I have read somewhere that I should size down ?

for instance I have a SAFADO 8YM great wash in 28X30 that fits perfectly when my SS10 8E7 same size run big ; i am about to sell it actually.

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Thanks for reply.

One more question.. Is safado much slimmer copared to viker?

Thanks again

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Below the knee it's slimmer. Above the knee maybe it's slightly slightly slimmer around the thigh, but I might be wrong.

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^ Thank You

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Never tried zatiny but safado is tighter than slammer/thanaz on waist.

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I have been reading that safados allso run long? Is that the matter compared to zatiny length?

I wear zatiny W31L34? Could I do W31L32 in safado?

Thanks for all the help guys

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i think u can wear sime size.

 but , zatiky little bit flare, but safado little bit taped.





plz reffer...

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^ Thank you very much.

Thought safados run longer, thanks for correcting that for me.

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