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Hi Friends,

Just wanna buy another 7FAM men jeans.

Can anybody please to check authentic these jeans....Real or fake ???

Here a picture...




What's your opinion about condition of these jeans,

Thanks a lot Friends.....

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They are real. From what I can see they are in good condition but everything depends on the price of course

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Thanks a lot, Ruth.

You're the best !!!

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I buy some of my 7's directly from the official website. They have really good sales. I have purchased some used ones on ebay, the "A" pocket because sometimes the official website is backordered. There was really no difference except in price and they were used. There was only one pair I had question about and I called the main office. The pair in question was called a 'vintage' pair. It had a 'rope' logo on the waistband. The girl I spoke with at the main office said they never had such a pair...I really do not believe her for it made sense that they might have changed their logo along the way. The jeans were very high quality. I am going to take pictures of them and send them to their fraud department for I think she was wrong...

I also purchase handbags and shoes from directly online. I think they discontinued their handbag lines for they only have a few leftovers now. 

They also carry sunglasses now! cute and good quality.

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