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HELP!!! Hemming glue

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I have a friend that gave her mom a pair of jeans to hem and they came back with hemming glue and she cant where them for the hem is not strait and one leg is longer then the other. I need to fix them so please if anyone knows how to get this hemming Nightmare OFF please help me i can Hand hem But i have never came across this problem! Please help

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Quoted from the Glue hemming sticky in this section:


To take out the hemming (in case you want to resell or have grown taller...need to re-hem...or whatever), saturate the glued hems with an adhesive remover. This can be purchased at your local craft store (e.g. micheals) or sometimes at supermarkets in the detergent aisle.

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thanks that worked but it did not get all the glue off the fabric

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Get them dry cleaned. 

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