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Help with Diesel Fits?

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Hi all, new to the forum. Anyways I've migrated here because I have a very important question. I'm a very picky guy about my jeans, and all I've really worn in the past are Diesel Fanker bootcut and Diesel Zavor straight. I wear a 30X34.


Could anyone point me in the direction of some styles that fit similar to these? I prefer bootcut as long as they aren't relaxed or loose, I like my jeans somewhat slim fitting, but not skinny or tight. I also like a low waist.


Anyways, thanks!

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Trouleg was somewhat of a successor to Fanker, so that might be an option for you.  The downside is that there aren't a lot of washes for Trouleg, as it wasn't around long.  You might also give the old stand-by cuts, Zathan and Zatiny a look.  Neither is quite as slim as Fanker or Trouleg, but both are far from relaxed fits.


Regarding Zavor, I'd suggest Safado or Viker.  Both cuts have been around for awhile and are still part of Diesel's current product line, so they come in a variety of washes.  Safado is the silmmer of the two while Viker is the straight leg companion to Zathan/Zatiny.


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 leg op little bit small than org zatiny





reyhan 8ym



how about?



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Thanks guys. Yeah I'd like a slim boot, but not quite AS slim as the Fanker, and with a lower waist, because the Fanker has an unusually tight, higher waist than other jeans I've tried on. I actually wear dressy type boots with my jeans.


But I'll check all these types out, they look like nice fits. Thanks for your help!

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