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hey guys!


Which brand wallets do you love to own? do you have any favorites? 


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I love Kate Spade Wallets. They're really durable and have a ton of compartments and pouches. I recently got this one (http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3113883?Category=&Search=True&SearchType=predictivesearch&keyword=marc+by+marc+jacobs+%3E+Handbags+%26amp%3b+Accessories&origin=searchresults)

from Marc Jacobs and it's great!

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I really like Louis Vuitton's little "Pocket Organizers."  They are really compact and have just enough room for everything I need.  However, I've been using a similar wallet from Tom Ford as of late.

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Love Kate Spade ones! Marc by Marc Jacobs make some really cute ones in really pretty colours. :)

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