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PBJs and Skulls are nice as well, same for the Samurais. I would prefer all those over the flatheads. But hey thats just me. Prolly wouldnt buy any of them, as I am too much in love with 19cm.


Nudies are shit imo, wouldnt buy them as well, just wanted to mention other options.


APCs are very nice imo and relatively easy to fade. But dont mix up what you see on the net with what will happen irl, referring to APC fading. I have seen nice fades on the net (I really like a lot of those faded APCs), but the ones a friend of mine has for around six months or so, look completely different from that. He might not be into extreme activities and dont wear them on a daily basis, so thats probabrly the reason. They have just some slight fading, slight combs, everything looks very natural and they are still dark after the first recent hand-wash.