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First raw denim

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Hi all


i'm just moving into the world of raw denim from diesel land, trying to guess which choice is better given that I would like to have a straight slim fit (safado-like). Alternatives at the moment are:


Flat Head 1001

PBJ XX-005

Skull 5507xx

Samurai s710xx


I also like Dior a lot but they're so expensive, i will try to reach them in an outlet or so because cannot imagine to buy them without a try on. Any help is appreciated



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so, plz let me know just one point

 why can u select raw denim of DIESEL ?

 u hate design of DIESEL ?



 non wash or one wash u can buy from DIESEL,IMO.

 i'm not so familiar w/t wash code of raw or one wash and like that


 for example)

  DDG thanaz,

  DIESEL's 88z, 8aa, 8a0.....8z8

  and viker 8T5 will be release @okayama-denim


 someone will correct wash info of raw/DIESEL











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^only DDG thanaz is actually raw denim and difficult to find.


The problem I've found with raw denim is most brands only have higher rise cuts for some reason.  Very difficult to find raw denim with less than a 10 inch rise

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plz let me know

 org DIESEL's raw wash code...


 88z is not? or any other?


 why asking raw of DIESEL, cos gidmin's avator is 80x80px-LS-b77620e9_32155-d.gif lol.

  he will change avator?




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^ omg Sand, there is no wash code for raws Thanaz, because RAW is not wash... They are just Diesel Denim Gallery Thanaz (and if I remember well, DDG raw Thanaz was released with blue stitching - pics bellow and with orange stitching). And as Darnoc wrote, they are hard to find now. Especially brand new.








And please stop confusing other people. 88Z, 8AA, 8A0, 8Z8 is NOT RAW.




@gidimin - you can find Diors on ebay for nice price (just wait and check ebay constantly).

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 but i like 88z like as raw....for me haha.



 your pic is yours?


 and i can't check ebay's item deeply(cos i'm in my office).

 is this pair on ebay is DDG raw?








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yes, pics are mine. But I sold jeans to Cez and he is selling them on ebay now (link you posted).

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 i wonder Cez sold all DIESEL w/o thanaz 17f......




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because he loose some weight and Thanaz doesn't fit him anymore + DH 19cm fits him better.

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yeah i think so too!!


maybe he wont sell 17f, IMO. cos he like(d) so much that pair.


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I think he already sold 17F...

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yes, I think he sold


but I guess sand maybe was just saying that he wouldn't have sold if he hadn't loose weight

maybe I could be wrong haha

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So guys


your suggestion is to go with Dior? No one replied on the list I posted:


Flat Head 1001

PBJ XX-005

Skull 5507xx

Samurai s710xx


maybe the list is not well for the fit I'm looking for or maybe you all are really in love with Dior



I really hope you won't be able to bring me on the Dior side of the moon :-) just in terms of money, nothing to say on jeans which are amazing on pics (never seen in person)... but I'm not so sure I will resist :-P


btw the ones in the list look very good to me

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well, Tullio, about the price, don't think that the brands you mentioned are that cheaper in comparison with diors...

have you checked the prices?



not searching to bring on you on the Dior side of the moon  (nice expression btw hehe) and as I told you, you could find nice deals on diors if you have an eye open


anyway, just to show you I'm not trying to convince you, maybe you could check Naked and Famous and Ande Whall as well


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x2. As I wrote, check ebay, sufu, mall whatever, you will find pair for similar price as brand you posted.

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From the pics I've seen, I like Samurai and PBJ releases better than the other brands you mentioned.  I personally have never owned any of these, but if you give a call to the people at blue in green, they'll be happy to help you decide between those brands for what would work best for you.


Sand, 88Z does kind of wear a bit like a pair of raw denim would, but it is not raw denim.  Diesel denim gallery do have wash codes, but they are more complex than typical diesel wash codes; they are based on dsquared coding which won't help you at all for searching on ebay: 71LA253 for example

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 and DDG will close soon.


 and i'm not great fan of that.









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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post

I think he already sold 17F...

yep, 17F is sold.


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^Evil, zdenal_cz


i read my previous post again, i haven't expressed my idea well because i was interrupted more times while writing, so at the end the content looks quite strange... i'm at work after all :-)


ok about the price, i understand that ebay can be my friend when searching for cheaper diors. my point is that i was not able until now to find a detailed reference for dior measurements as for other brands i listed, so i'm a bit more afraid to buy them online cause the price is in any case high


btw not my intention to say that any of you was trying to convince myself, just kidding

and above all i'm really attracted by the dior jeans :-)


especially Dior 19cm MIJ of sh0ebox's pics (Mulholland Drive if i'm right)

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thanks for your feedback, i'll continue to "mumble mumble" and at the end i'll decide

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^^if you have issues on diors fit and sizing, feel free to post them in the Dior Homme thread

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Originally Posted by gidimin View Post

especially Dior 19cm MIJ of sh0ebox's pics (Mulholland Drive if i'm right)


what is this thread title?


u wana MD?

 if so, finaly u go to not RAW...

 sh0ebox doesn't have RAW ,




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^gidimin: you could as well have a look into APC (prolly New or Petit Standard) or some Nudies (prolly Slim Jims).

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thanks for your info, already had a look on those


APC New Standard seem very nice, price is very good but the way they fade is not my cup of tea... probably i'll try them later

as far as Nudies, don't like the stitching on backpockets


after all your help my choice is restricted to:


Flat Head 1001

Dior Homme 19cm MIJ


with my preference going to Dior

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