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HF mobile

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HF isnt working on my mobile (iPhone 3GS). It seems that there are problems with the Java-script code. I can see the forum and browse through it, but cant post peplies, pms, threads. The buttons just dont work or take me to the top of the page without doing anything else.



Btw. its extremely slow as well.

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it's slow as hell from  the PC to start with, no wonder from the  mobile is even worse

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True that.

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this post from PC.


I was trying to post from my mobile , but not happened..


same problem happen on my mobile too as u said.

 java script has some error on my mobile.


 but just enough.

   watching only from mobile.


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And the subscription function is completely out of place as well. It keeps updating me about a post from june 3rd. Other subscriptions dont or hardly work.

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