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Is this for real?

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are they for real about the last sentence?




"We reccomend not to wear it with white or light-colored outfits and to pay attention not to sit on white light-colored sofa."

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that's Euro-english for you.  Colored is also spelled differently- you get used to those spelling differences if you go overseas occasionally

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I've never seen recommend spelt like that. It's not British.

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well, iam not talking about the language ignore that

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they bleed, so it's just to avoid ruining sofas, light/white top and shoes and all


not an advice for color combo for sure!

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Thanaz RAWs bleeds the dye very much, after around 4-5 hours of wearing I had still blue hands. My pair wasn't never soaked nor washed. But I can imagine you will have blue clothing if you will wear RAW with white, very light colors.


Edit: I don't have this problem with DH MIJ raws.

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^same here, infact they're hard as hell to fade!

3 months, no wash and still not much going on


btw, love the pair diorboy posted in the dior homme thread, they're awesome

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I've seen this tag on several diesel pairs I had...8RN, 8ST, 8LG and others, can't remember.

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