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User feedback?

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I had a question on how to look for some guy's feedback. I cant seem to find it anywere.

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it is not available no more.  it has been hidden to mask what really goes on here. seem to be like the admins are more interested in selling ad space than protecting its members. 

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true. where the fuck is feedback? how do i know about the user.


I've been selling here for a while now, and not just selling getting jeans for people that can't get themselfs. Good reputation is important to some you know.

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This "new" forum gets better and better, help scammers to scam easier, the forums and overall site are REALLY complicated, no feedback, no more Cez that takes out spam, and the forum itself  its dying. Nice.

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sucks. I just became a member here. there seemed to be a lot of buzz last week.  but it already feel like this place is dead.

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I also was wondering why feedback has disappeared...Feedback seems to be like the most important information about both seller and buyer..

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I have some ideas about that

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Good question about feedback.


Yes, when we have Buy, Sell, Trade implemented we will be building a specific feedback system.  At that time, we should be able to import the vast majority of data from iTrader.


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Ok this new update hasnt really brought something good, but a more complicated and slower site.

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