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Sorry, if it's useless question or bad setting, but still "new" and kinda lost in new design.


But can we have on Stickies previews with Last post x Replies x Views (as it is in other threads)? It's not visible if / when any new post was added, I have to click on the link and than go to last page. Just to know, there is no news...



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Our new system doesn't technically have sticky threads.  For the time being, we've linked the formerly sticky threads in the note at the top of each forum area for you to have quick access to them.  Some of these will be turning into Wikis, others will be staying threads. 


If you'd like to be kept updated on your favorite "sticky" threads, I'd recommend subscribing to them.  That way, right on your logged in home page, you'll see how many new posts have been written since your last visit.  It's a great option to keep on top of all the action

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the handbag and shoes "stickies" don't seem to be working



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Good catch!  Those URLs have been fixed.  There were some dashes which should have been slashes.

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