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does the rebranding

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Does the rebranding of the site away from "honestforum" to solely "denimblog" mean that Dave has finally realized that he sucks in almost all ways with regards to business and allowed to site to be run by someone else?


Also, how much was paid and to whom for the development work necessary to make the change.


Finally, Ruth, are you allowed creative control in any way (banning, input into direction, topic organization) or is Dave just paying you in free lunches every once in a while, whilst expecting you to follow his lead on everything, like he did with me?

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does the rebranding

wait....you got free lunches?








Dave, you got some esplain'in to do.








but srsly what up Ben?  Would love to hear what else you have to reveal...let me get comfy.  

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does the rebranding

In my personal opinion, I think its weird to call the whole site "denim blog" 90% of what I do on here has nothing to do with the blog, and a forum by definition is not a blog, so why call it that? Honestly half the time i forget the blog is even there. And when I do look at it its like pictures of the same 5 people over and over again.... 


It also feels like the whole blog is just one persons opinion on what looks good, ie David Beckham getting props for wearing all his Diors 4 sizes too big just because he's DB and wearing Diors doesnt automatically make it look good.


When I saw the post in the chat section about DenimBlog changes happening, I didnt even bother reading it, because i figured they were just changing the layout of the blog, which had absolutely not impact on my life....


Dont get me wrong i'm not trying to be a negative nancy, just offering constructive criticism. 

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does the rebranding

they have to say nice things so they can get endorsed.

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does the rebranding

I think many people will see your points, Ryan

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From an search engine optimization standpoint, this was a bad move.  Honestforum showed up in the top 3-5 spots typically for searches of many of the major denim manufacturers and their specific cuts, now it doesn't (go search "diesel poiak 8d5" in google for example). A wiki addition and some of the other add-ons were good, but rebranding everything under a blog ruins all SEO power the forums had with the engines- blogs are very shallow and basically serve only for link backs to the site they support unless they have an extreme following, which denim blog does not have and will probably never have since it doesn't offer anything that one of a few dozen other fashion/trend sites don't also offer- and they stay on top of it better; period.


I can't believe you didn't put more thought into this, and then of all things gave it such a horribly organized structure.


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so now I can not post ?

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or personal opinions, lol. it says since you are new. your post must be moderated. 

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shame indeed. 

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youre also limited to how many PMs you can send supposedly- try listing an item in the mall- see if thats limited too

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wow, within 20 minutes of my post the topic gets relegated to feedback&bugs..  in hopes of less people seeing my response maybe??!?


If it was for the original poster's topic creation, this would have been moved 4-5 days ago

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lol, you have exceeded you maximum of 2 pm's sent today. wtf is this gay shit?

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make a donation and you'll be ok

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