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Bring back self Delete and also put a tab directly to the Mall at the TOP!!

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Originally Posted by Ruth View Post

The delete post option is now only available for moderators, however, at any time, feel free to hit the little flag icon on your post to report it to the moderation team.  We're happy to take a look and remove a post for you


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How do you bump your mall thread? This new site is kinda hard to navigate. Don't really like it. It might just be me though. I dont like change:)

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To bring your thread to the top simply reply to your thread by typing 'bump'

Please only one bump per 48 hours
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FYI- the auto-tagging system in the mall sucks. 


How do you add you're own tags? 

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And how do I change my signature?

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Thanks for your questions Cez


Tagging - if you have some suggestions of tags you would like to use please let us know.  


Signature - click on your name in the top right corner, and then you will access your profile.  You can scroll down and edit your lists, pictures, sig, etc

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Awesome thanks.


I like the old method of tagging. Can we go back to that? The new system doesn't allow you  insert individual tags only the recommended tags, unless i am doing it wrong?

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I don't believe we had a system in the past.  I may be mistaken though.


Yea, feel free to post some suggested tags and we will manually insert them into the system.  The recommended tags system is actually helpful because we don't end up with 7 tags for the same thing.  (Sometimes on Flickr this happens when you are looking for something)


Examples of recent tags that we have created are

Popular Posts

Threads with a lot of Pictures

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Originally Posted by Team DenimBlog View Post



In terms of the access to the last page, as Evil Sushi mentioned, you do have access to the last post in the thread so you can always jump directly to that.  The icon to the left of the thread name also takes you to the newest post since your last visit so if it's in color, click there and you'll go to the first post since the last time you were in that particular thread.

Stickyes: area too?



how 2 jump last page from these stickes: link ?


plz let me know...


plz..why this link to 1st page?

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Please Please bring back the old mall system it was much much better, i feel like were backstepping with this. Also bring back our seller/buyer rating system, and recover all old data on this.

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word. the one thing that made this place better and easier to navigate than other forums, is now gone.

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hard to navigate.

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I'm starting to get used to the new forum layout, it's awesome































no, I'm joking

once, I felt at home

now...I don't

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