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They're all real
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Thanks Ruth,
My conclusion is there so many real 7FAM in ebay ...
Why I heard before, there many people was cheated got fake 7FAM in ebay?
Can you recommended me for real 7FAM seller in ebay?
How about this link, I want your opinion....

Mens 7 FOR ALL MANKIND A Pocket Denim Jeans 32 Trendy - eBay (item 370385972145 end time May-31-10 09:16:53 PDT)

Thanks a lot, I am glad to join in this forum
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Real too. There are many fakes on Ebay but mostly women's 7FAM jeans. There are a lot of authentic sellers on Ebay, you can try the search function on the top left side of this page and you will find several threads on this subject as this has already been discussed before. Judynjacob is definitely one of the largest on Ebay but their customer service is not always what it should be...
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Hi Ruth,

I just wondering why in these jeans has inside tag like this




Is it real or fake?

As far I know newer tag with brown has size tag in white.

Thanks so much, Ruth.

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You are right, they normally have white size tags but I have seen it before, they probably ran out of white tags that day


They are real though.

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yup, looks real.

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I just bought 7FAM Bootcut in New York Dark

Style # T520019U

Cut   702660

I just wondering and little doubt for real.

I've seen many fabric of 7FAM jeans in internet that color of outside and inside not same...(inside more lighter).

Why my pair jeans has fabric that same both (outside & inside look) has same dark color ???

Any opinion? I'll appreciate.

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Please start a new thread and post pics. Without pics it's impossible to confirm authenticity, thank you!

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yea, you need pics.

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Looks legit

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