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Joey big t guys or girls?

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I got some joeys big t from ebay. I don't know if blackseeds run huge or if they are guys jeans. I got a size 28, and they are falling off me.
Can somebody help me and know if you can see by the style and cut number if they are womens? Row and seat are blank (so I assume they are womens) and just say Joey Big T
The style# is 88-503-NMBT
Cut# 6OO834 ( the first number could be a 5 but I'm washing them hot right now so it was hard to see.
They are legit, super soft and I got an amazing deal. Maybe I can get them tailored. The rise is 7.5 and the inseam is 34.
Also the backpockets seem a bit big compared to my other joeys. Will try to post pics after washing them.
Thanks so much guys.
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