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cant find the jeans i want

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hey guys, im new here looking for a little help on a style of jeans

im looking for soome 3/4 skinny jeans some that like stop about 2 to 3inches above the ankle in this sort of color Criminal Damage*::*GUYS CLOTHING*::*Jeans*::*Criminal Damage Jeans - Marble Wash (Blue)
the idea of the jeans im looking for is like an indie summer pete doherty look, im finding it very hard to find them though, i think i was in a london top man store when i saw a manakin wearing some but ive had no luck searching the interwebs for anything remotley like what im looing for,
anyway guys hope you can help
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Have you checked asos.com or urbanoutfitters.com? They tend to have some skinny, acid washy jeans. Good luck!



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Hi, I am buddhajeans. I suggest you look for some 2 hand jeans, and I have Levi's particular in mind. The model who who are skinny and classic is the 505 zip fly. The classic denim jeans for a  skinny rock roller.

 If you add original Converse to it and you got Ramones and many at the time.

Since you want them 3 quarter lenght I suggest you get it tailored by a denim specialist who uses the original treads. The 505 is skinny the whole way and think is one of the best classic models have ever introduced as an opposite to the original 501 just that 505 do not have the same denim fabrics as 501 who are the only one who have denim from Cone Mills.

Since I am new on this forum I do some promotion. I remind you that we are on your way with our own brand that will be in some selected retail stores spring next year. 


buddha Jeans Mission

buddha Jeans has a mission to create a sustainable Jeans and T-shirt product by employing Design Thinking with positive core values. We want to design from the inside and out, not merely create a new jean in the market! We want to create strong Partnerships and engage the Consumers in a fun and positive dialog on Sustainability. We aim to improve the workers conditions where we produce, and support organic producers in all areas of production. We want to work with manufacturers who have a social responsibility and high standards for their workers.
We want to help change the World one Jean at a time
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