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hey all!

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hey friends!
tell me the quickest way to dry denim jeans.
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buy a pair, wear them as hard as death, wash them at least after 6 months of wear
then start again with hard wear

well, the most beatiful faded raws (IMO) are diors MIJ, love them
but they need a hard work
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does he mean literally drying jeans like after washing? his wording implies that..
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^you're probably right

proly he misunderstood whta "dry denim" means..

... and I misunderstood what he wanted to say lol
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& how to wash jeans to get 73J wash?
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get a fucking gun and shot a fucking load of bullets on them
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Or dont wash and drop 400 Euros saying a little "thank you, sir" to Fuck Shizron.
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