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ZATINY size?

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I wear safado in 30/30 and viker in 29/30. Anyone know what size I should go for on zatiny 8CO?
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I tried 8C0 and I think they were pretty small. I reckon go with 30/30.
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The Zatiny 8C0 runs big actually.
Go for 29!
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Are you sure? Mine were much tighter than both 8GW and 71J by a long way.
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Yep I am sure.
The 71J is just runs very big and should be sized down!
The 8C0 is not as big but definitely runs big as well
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Fair enough. My 71Js sadden me, haha. They're just way too big and yet I paid so much that I refuse to sell them for cheap. >.>
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