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please post pics when you do. im curious to see how they look in real life

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How come on the diesel store website the color of the 8B9 wash looks lighter?  The jeans look nicer in your pics. I'm afraid if I order them they'd look like the picture on the diesel website rather than how they look in your pics.

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Well, I don't know if anyone will see this since this thread is so old but, I just picks up the 8b9 and first off, I would agree they stretch! Wish I would've sized down icon_sad.gif secondly, mine say made in Italy!? I was expecting Tunisia, but sure enough, the Indian head tag on the inside says made in Italy, I thought maybe the wrong tag was sewn in because this wash has been known to be made in tunisia but I looked at the info tag and it says thanaz 8b9 with the correct sizing and everything, it does not have the 3 stripes sewn into the waistband though. Weird... Also, I bought them at the Diesel in Chicago so I know they're legit.
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All pairs that are made in Italy do not necessarily have the italian flag sewn on the back. For instance, my 2003 Zathan 772's are made in Italy but there is no flag on the back.

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Really? Thats strange to me, I dont have a huge Diesel collection by any means, maybe 6 pairs of Zathan, a few Zatiny, one Thanaz, and a Thavar but every pair that was Made In Italy have the flag sewn into the waist band. I have one made in Tunisia Zatiny and those don't have the flag (obviously). Also, I was looking at the Thanaz 8b9 online for some time before I ended up saying "screw it" and driving 4 hours to the store in Chicago to try them on. Every pair I found online whether it was ebay, ssense, or even the Diesel website said "made in tunisia". Im very pleased that these are an Italian made pair (I really don't know how much the quality differs from the tunisian stuff) I just prefer Diesel's to be Italian lol. I don't know what year Diesel started doing the flag on the waistband but 2003 is older than any pair I own, I have a pair of Zathan 8be from 05 and I think those are the oldest pair I own.

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All of my newer pairs that are made in Italy have the flag. Treasurehoard, the Diesel moderator on authenticforum, is who told me that the italian flag on italy pairs is not always there. I do not know if he was meaning just for old ones or for some new ones too. Also, Diesel puts the date their jeans were made on the tag along with the year, but in 2003 some labs did not put the year on the tag and some did. Maybe this pair you're refering to were made at a different lab than others you've seen of the same wash. I know italy has ATLEAST 5 different labs in Italy alone but maybe more.

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