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Thanaz 8B9 in stores...

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I picked up the new Thanaz 8B9 today and I must say they are pretty legit for a true blue wash. I would suggest it for any Thanaz fan. The only downfall is they were made in Tunisia if that matters to anyone. Just an FYI.
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any pictures?
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100% cotton. Great distressing with some 8SV like qualities.
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great pair. these reminds me of 8ww for somehow. thanks for posting pics
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Always loved those back pockets. It also looked nice with the small symbol on one pocket on 8ww or 8ts I dont remember. However this is by far IMO the best thanaz back pockets ever.
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Yeah, man. Those are nice
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Don't like the color contrasts on the thighs and back... Looks cheap somehow.
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cant ay now that i like it but yeah......maybe i can love her
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ohhh my gosssshhhhhh

a new thanaz wash which doesnt look childish or silly or crazy or soemthin else!!!!!!

high five!!!
shout to the lord!!!!!!
na na na na na na na na na yeah yeah !!!!!
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Sorry my photos weren't great as they were rushed but in regards to the color contrast it isn't that drastic. This is honestly one of the most "wearable" Thanaz made in the last 18 months. When I say "wearable" I mean there is nothing too crazy about this jean and you could probably get away with wearing this everyday.
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^ post some better pics of back pockets !!!!
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^are you blind?

what's the price?
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i am wearing my 8b9s right now... good price for the wash..
i was not happy thats it 100% cotton but after wearing for 2 days it actually has alot of give... its not super rigid like 8iw or 73j...
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and the price is...?
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make my day and post some worn pics...
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I'll post some worn pics in a bit. Price is $180.
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Nice! Worn pics please!!!
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There you go... Once again not great photos but you get the point.
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Thats a pretty good looking wash
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