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Wow. That Timmen looks amazing. Should i get this or the safado 8e7?

I would like the slimmer leg.
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Pretty sure Timmen has a slimmer leg than the safado.
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Okay thanks cez I've seen the Timmens in person, but i didn't have enough money on me, but i'll have a look at them on friday.

You're alright Cez, i was acting wrong back then, and i actually love your fashion sense!
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LoL, thanks. I am glad we can both look back and laugh. I can be an ass sometimes, well a lot of the time, but deep down I'm just a softy. Thanks for not giving up on us.
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Awwww. Bromance, baby!^^
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lol, I can admit when I am wrong.
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and that is noble
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wow New Timmen is 8E7... Shumway's AW10 preview info

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^ Cez, timmen isn't slimmer than safado.
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yes , i think so too.
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Can this be settled? I really want the slimmer pair, as Thanaz can be too tight for me, so i want the cut that is closer to Thanaz
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sounds like darron 8e7 would be perfect
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But isn't Darron a more tapered/carrot cut?
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tapered: maybe, carrot: no
but its slimmer than safado/timmen and not as slim as thanaz, especially below the knee...
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Thanks for the tip, but prefer straight legged cuts. Do you know if Safado has taper? I have heard it one time, but i don't know if it's true.
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Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
^ Cez, timmen isn't slimmer than safado.
from the knee down??

Maybe I am thinking of Viker, sorry.
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Yeah darron 8e7 is the best bet.
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(from tightest to loosest)
GLOOVY: Extremely slim cut straight leg. "Cigarette leg" and "Denim leggings" have been used to describe this cut. Tighter than THANAZ.
THANAZ: Straight leg, extremely slim fit, loose waist.
TIMMEN: Straight leg, slim fit, high rise.
SAFADO: Straight leg, slim fit, low rise, has a semi-hidden small right back pocket near waistband.
VIKER: Straight leg, slim fit, low rise. Back pockets spaced further apart.
YARIK (B): Straight leg, regular fit, very low front rise/medium back rise. Zip pockets.
REVICK: Chino styled denim jean.
LARKEE: Straight leg, regular fit, mid/high rise.
LEVAN: Straight leg, regular fit, mid/high rise.
QURATT: Straight leg, relaxed fit.
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If you want slim cut, but not skinny go with Safado 8E7, slimmer that regular but not as skinny as Thanaz.
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Okay thanks. I think i'll try and see how the Timmens fit in the Diesel Store, otherwise i will order the Safado on the online store. So does anyone know how these run, compared to Thanaz? And if anyone owns the 8e7 wash, could you tell me how much they stretch?

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^Krooley 73N
i think 73N is a great wash: maybe a little gross, but really great IMO. especially the back view. ok guys i'm ready to hear your complains

btw also Timmen 8E7 look nice and i'm not a fan of acid wash at all
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SAFADO 8YD is way better then 8E7!

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^^FAK NO!!!
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This looks like the jeans got into a fight with clorox!

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