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i like them
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Be careful with 00f(thread starter) . He have yet to ship the jeans I bought from him or reply my pms. He also owes Deararambel a pair of 8c9, just a heads up don't buy anything from him. Proof will be posted if needed.
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Also dont send money for to glitch14620@gmail.com or iamawesome13901@gmail.com. My mistake deal was to good to be true.
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I think it is rather SS10 than FW10 and not really worth to mention either...

But for the sake of completeness: Safado 8ZH.

BNWT DIESEL SAFADO 8ZH JEANS 31X34 SS10 100% AUTHENTIC bei eBay.de: Jeans (endet 27.05.10 18:41:53 MESZ)

Terrible backpockets and even more terrible abrasions.
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I'm curious, did anyone happen to try on the shioner cut yet?
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^ nope, but its coming. and its coming in 8AA, soon.
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Originally Posted by mannequin View Post
saw the shioner today, it's doesnt hold any sort of candle to thanaz nor tazy...you'll see what i mean. the leg opening seems safado like for some strange reason, runs uber long too. whatever.
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^Fak not again!!!!!
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this is why gay people cant get married
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lol, heterosexuals never post cock shot of themselves on the internetz.
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Originally Posted by Creo View Post

I'm not fan, weird wash and distressing, ugly backpocket stitching only some slogan is missing there.

Hey Diesel, stop release unnatural, ugly acid washes and stop experiments with backpockets - what about some simple --v-- stitching without slogans and logos? Please!
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you know what diesel needs to do? they need to drop every cut except thanaz and drop ever wash but 8DK i mean have you seen this wash? F!@#@$#CK man! its crazy unique anad awesome. lmfao.
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Ppl U will kill me, but I miss ASS Dragons!
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looks pretty good in these pictures
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Diesel should leave every pocket blank and then have a machine in mailine stores that will put any pocket design on any jean..
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LARKEE-8B9 not special...
sorry not FW10 on EU/US??

Diesel - Larkee 8B9 - Attic Clothing

Diesel | Diesel Larkee 8B9 Straight Jeans at ASOS
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That`s a good idea `but backpockets)
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wow, 8K9 looks super cheap, totally NO GO wash.
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agree.. why diesel make this ugly wash............
 DIESEL make fab on Chxxa ? MIC
 not but

 sorry ...
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8K9 is low budget Jeans with cheap wash for everyone
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some curious comments wrote on this site..


VIKER Rbox 8T3



VIKER-8J3(8J3 wash)

DIESEL JEANS sind kreativ verdrahtet

whats this??
FW10 Blue Eyecons...
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SAFADO 8J1, 8L9 here

merged to this thread.
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