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waiting to see thanaz 8B9 and safado 8U9 live
 thanaz-8B9 is same wash code of viker-8B9, u can guess easily.

 I'll try to find "safado 8U9" 's info...
  8U9 is made more wash from 8B9.

i think safado 8U9
8U9 was made based on 8B9 w/t more wash.
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^^^ Oh my those are hot! Similar to 8YD but without the holes.

8YD in person

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8N4 is nothing like 796, it looks like the women's wash 8C2 just with better quality materials, none of those Poiaks (8N4 and 8B2) are coming to the US. The only new Poiak in the US this season is 8CO.
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^ no 88Z?
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sorry again,

 DIESEL has two categories

-BLUE EYECONS(from SS10) : vintage + used wash
-3D(from SS10) : looks like 3-Dimension
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today, DIESEL.jp start to sell
-rayan 8L9
-safado 8L9
-koolter 8L9

-thanaz 8L4

-larkee 8b9(zip)

-timmen 8Z8

here is rayan 8L9(magazine right page's one)


almost same magazine's pic and photo's.
this wash is 8L9

i have no time to go to shop ....
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timmen 8z8 is here

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darron 8M2

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I want Safado 8L9 and Darron 8K2, now
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I want Safado 8L9 and Darron 8K2, now
both are BLUE EYECONS(vintage & washed),
 i recommend u to check items by your eyes before buying.
 or, wait for someone uploading real pics...

I think 8L9 is not so bad, but 8K2 is little bit dirty(chemical) wash imo.
I wana see 8I9,7N3(3D) first!!
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Whoever is arguing about the Larkee Zip 8B9, i guarantee you it doesn't have the shitty tribal tattoo back pockets, i saw them today in a US store. So if any potential US buyer was worried about that factor, I promise they're not like that, great pair of denim for you regular fit lovers.
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I never hear and watch posting someone like larkee-8b9(zip).
and i dislike that pair as i had said yet so long time ago.
 Darnoc too.
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NO NEW INFO.. only re upload info w/t big pic.

DIESEL JEANS sind kreativ verdrahtet (germany web)

Google –|–ó (trans to eng)


3/20: ?
4/20: ?

5/20:safado 8zw's gray

12/20: safado-8C0(?)
14/20:safado 8M5

15/20:thanaz (wash?) this is not shioner-8AA

16/20: larkee-8f5 or safado-8U9 ? /edit

17/20:safado 8L9

18/20:viker rbox 8T5

anybody... plz post pics !!

DIESEL had sell FW10 yet!! somebody had worn yet..

i'll quit this topic..
i have no chance to check more..
sorry.i'm busy for work...

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15/20:thanaz (wash?) this is not shioner-8AA
Interested to know the wash
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Thanaz 8s2 (Sand's link)

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one of the best thanaz since years
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^like it as well
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i like it too, its not made in italy though if that makes a difference to anyone
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^ I've got a pair, on Mon. and yeah, none of 8B9's are made in italy.
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8B9 made in tuni.. same w/t SS10's viker's

 but nice wash IMO even though tuni...
 nice Zo, plz post pics if u can... to WDYWT.
 plz find 3D category's item's info...
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well thanaz 8B9 isn't bad
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thanaz 8B9,8L4 worn pics

w0wieet had posted yet...


his pic:sorry w0wieet,, i did not try to get your agreements.

i wana try this pair
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FW10 is promising imo... but i know i'm an eternal optimist
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