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Diesel Fall/Winter 2010

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Diesel Craft Rebel / Accessories

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the Safado 8L9 looks alright, but what's with the pocket netting on the Darron and Thanaz washes? Krooley looks like some bad Dejavu' version of Slammer 73H with those studs

Also, it'll be interesting to see the pockets on the Thanaz-Zip in apparel
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thx for your link.(almost same w/t AW10 Preview News )

but i hate these damage wash... just this is my opinion.
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I agree that the Safado might be okay. Nothing else takes my fancy.

... and where are the Zathans? *runs*
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Krooley 8n1 reminds me of 72L. Diesel its really pushing the acid look, but it fails in most of them -_-
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Shioner, new cut?

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thanaz 8A8

we need better pics
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I'm starting to really hate the acid look (not that I've ever been a great fan anyway)
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Originally Posted by tricky View Post
thanaz 8A8

we need better pics
"Reinventing its design process to harnesses the spontaneous creativity which comes from creating by hand, deconstructing, cutting, tearing, spraying, and then playfully reassembling the elements to create unique garments.
Diesel’s Creative Team got up from their desks and followed their hearts (and hands) with a DIY approach to design the new Preview FW10 collection."

...and came up with ANOTHER black Thanaz, hats off to you boys!
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Thanaz is 8L4 grey-ish lookin SV
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anyway, this collection is similar to ss 08, if iˇm not wrong... there are interesting exemplairs) Cant wait to see em in person
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nice, few jeans that i like already krooley, safado, thanaz!

LOl at hushy is that front???
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btw, people that starting to dislike diesel jeans are getting old!!!
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^nah prolly just have developed more expensive tastes
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^ Probably I always like more and more expensive clothes.
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Originally Posted by Darnoc View Post
^nah prolly just have developed more expensive tastes
yep, not sure it's a positive thing...
for my wallet, above all
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i find diesel jeans expensive
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Originally Posted by igorek View Post
i find diesel jeans expensive
At retail they can be when they first come out, I agree. But you can typically find most pairs a season later for about $70-150 down from $180-350, which is quite affordable when you think about what any decent pair of denim costs from mainstream brands from abercrombie & bana republic, to guess and even levis- if you're gonna spend $40-$80 on a pair of jeans, might as well do your research and get a better quality pair of Diesel for the same price or a bit more.
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it's hard to stay in touch with your growing tastes lol
just kidding you guys on HF style kings, really

btw i'm searching for my first thanaz yet
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^it's hard for me as well haha

your first thanaz will open a new world in front of you, I swear
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shioner is a new skinny fit... its skinner than thanaz through the leg and not as low in the butt
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^ interesting, but i don't feel the front pocket design on them
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neither do I
and they look girly to me...

but I'm curious to see them and try them IRL
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Any news on whether Tazy is being continued for FW 2010?

Am thinking about pulling the trigger on the new Thanaz's but would like to know whats on the horizon for Tazy.

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