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Thanaz 8L4 F/W 10 Pics

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Yahtzee!!!! gotta love Google. I know some stores already have these. I'm lovin it!
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Not I.
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I like the wash, just not the netting application
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fuck, more streaks. every new wash now just looks like a different version of 8sv. when will diesel get past this acid phase?
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it's like a lighter version of 8UP which works IMO, especially as there wasn't any Thanaz 8UP. I just don't know if I can get past those pockets
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most pockets like that look like shit close up, but end up being very wearable in person, cmon people we spent years complaining about ass dragons, trust me, this is a much better option. i'll find out for sure in two days haha.

the reason why I do like these is because i've needed something to fill the hole of my gray 8ev's that are falling apart, i know these probably wont hold a candle to them, but its close enough
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be sure to post worn pics if you have time ^
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Too trash/dirty for me. I like cleaner jeans.
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how much do these retail for they look good. Hey if anybody tries these on let us know what the fit is like...
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They are nice , how much are they?
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Meh for $230 they are not that great.
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they actually look decent in the front from your small picture but when you enlarge it, it gets kinda awful. I would pass for its retailed price.
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nice find. Me likey.
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not liking them

and I'm saying that quite for every new wash that comes out
this make me think...
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I think these are pretty sweet, but for $230? that is kind of pushing it...
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I'm pretty sure I'm getting these! Somehow I feel, these are going to look great in person.
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nice wash, but im sick and tired of vertical / chemicals wash already.
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must have for me can't wait to get them
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IMO - too simple.
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i picked these up yesterday will post worn pics in a little
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i like this a lot
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^ Post pics man.
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"i wouldnt fuck you in those pants"
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I tried them in size 27X32 at the printemps department store in paris, they stretch a loooooot ! my usual size is 28X30, even the W27 seemed a little too large for me ! they aren't so long in L32 however ; they have a bunch of those jeans at the time. retail for 200 euros.
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