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Antony Morato jeans

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My first post in this forum.

I ordered AM jeans from Stayhard Fashionline (online shop). I was satisfied with these jeans but then I noticed that upper patch (I don't know how to say it in english) is upside down. Picture of jeans is attached. Can I be sure that these jeans are authentic Antony Morato?
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to HF!

That site is totally legit imo. It must be a flaw, if I were you I would contact the customer service and let them know.
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lol, since when did "opinion" constitute fact. I hope this place is legit, otherwise you've just screwed over a total newbie.
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^lol, it is legit

but Anthony Morato sucks hard
well, to each is own
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LEGIT. they have a store in town
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soo, how did it go?

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