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fw10 thanaz wash

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a new preview thanaz wash for fw10 is 8b9 for $180...

ok wash... we'll see what the back pockets look like!
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Could be great... fingers crossed.

Where have you seen it?
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how do you know this?
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when will it be released?
does anyone have photos?

omg omg a new thanaz wash?!
how will it look like?
how will look the back pockets?!
so many unsolved things about this thanaz!!!
i cant sleep tonight omg omg i have to call olliver eggersten ha ha ha
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^ lol, if there is no 73J re-release, Oli will be really sad.
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8B9 is already out as a wash for Zathan or Viker, for instance. That is why I said that it is a promising announcement.
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no moar acid washes please.
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thaaaanaaaaazzzz jaaam jaaaaam
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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post
^ lol, if there is no 73J re-release, Oli will be really sad.

btw, did he come back to his mom?
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hopefully it's not too streaky...
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i have no thanaz in my collection, just thinking they're too skinny for me and my feet... even if i love safado and own quite a lot!!

probably gonna get one thanaz in fw10, i'll give them a try... waiting for your precious hints on wahs
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my advice is go with previous seasons washes
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it looks like a promising wash. im guessing the pockets will be just like the viker. i just hope u.s. gets them in 34 length, same reason im passing up 8c9. but then again i just got a trick pair of thanaz 8kw instead .so im sustained until fw10 releases
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when will it be released?or when can we see photos?
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week or two..
comes in all lengths...
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good news!!! hope backpockets will be plain

any wash in particular from previous seasons? thanx
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8IW, 71B, 8AA, 8FC, 8DK, 8KW, 73H
first that came to my mind...

and the expensive 71J and 73J
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also, 8GZ 72C 72L..
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yep forgot them
(except 72C, I'm not a great fan)

and again, 8GZ would he hard as hell to find
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8b9 looks like a good simple wash, could be my next choice for a pair of beaters.

BTW has anyone found out the wash code for the Grey "8sv-ish" eyecons Thanaz yet?
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