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Stretch back

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Hey everyone. I`ve scanned loads of topics, but didnt find anything about stretching denim back. My Poiaks 8sv is stretched alot, and I don`t want to wash em. How can i tighten them? I have Idea to put it in water and after drying it on hanger. It may possibly shrink back))
Any suggestions?
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simple, you scanned load of topics and find anything about stretching back because it simply doesn't exist
denim has life of its own
once you stretched it, you could have shrinking washing them, but it will be just a momentary shrinking
they will stretch back again, and quite fast

if you're willing to, you could use some starch to bring back some rigidity
that's all...
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sell your 8sv's and buy a new pair in a smaller size so that when they stretch out they'll be the right size. I'm sure if you post them in the mall for a fair price some'll pick them up
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Originally Posted by VolpinoNero View Post
How can i tighten them?It may possibly shrink back))
Not going to happen. Just sell them and size down. And regardless of how Lpalma may feel this is why a majority of members recommmend sizing down in the first place.
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lol @ the title of this thread. don't you mean "shrink back."
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lol, right, I didn't notice haha
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Sorry pals, but English is not mine mother language. Take it easy))
Anyway, what is a "Fair price" for POIAK 8sv now???
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totally depends on the size and condition
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