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New Safados, 8ZW & 3A7

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pseudo nu rave shit
best washes of the season?
sorry, no hate intended for you zambio
but those are just awful @ my eyes
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well. I've come to think zambio was hyronical...

at least I hope so! lol
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Those damn jeans, well, let's call them jeans, are like some shit stuff that I can buy them for 5 euro at a open market.
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wtf? they have the diesel coin strip, are you crazy???
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I will just write a diesel industry.
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The best wash IMO is 8YM and 8YD both safado.
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All you need to do is buy a pair of white jeans off ebay for nothing... since nobody wants white jeans... then pick up a bottle of Rit Fabric Dye at Ralphs for $5.

But whatevs... looks like the solid-color thing finally caught on - two years behind schedule.
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