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Got my geishas today in a size 1. I can button them but after I took them off (about 30 min) my hips were bruised red.
Should I exchange for a different size or live through the bruises and hope they will stretch? Won't be able to wash these ever if I'm not loosing 10 pounds. I do love the fit and am worried that a bigger size will give that terrible but bulge. Anybody in the same boat? Will try to post pics tomorrow.
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lol, why? sleep in them and see if they loosen.

oh and, pics please!
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I'm not familiar with that brand, but from what I hear, raw denim is supposed to start out really tight and then stretch to perfection. most people sleep in them 1-2 nights before they're able to button comfortably. try doing that. I wouldn't size up though as it already looks pretty loose below the knees.
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