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Thanaz 86c vs 8lp

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Hey fellas,

I am trying to decide between the 86c and the 8lp... I tried the 8lps on at the diesel store in San Fran and have never seen the 86c in real life. Any opinions?
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in my opinion i think the 8lp has richer colour.
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get the 8lp and buy some raw denim for the a dark blue wash which eventually transform into nice fades =]
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get them both, each is unique and amazing

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8lp fit worse and are not as comfortable...

however they are much easier to find...
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Dang it's so tough...I think I might like the 86c better. I'm just worried about the pockets being too bold
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what about tazy 8i0?

thats pretty similiar to both of them... maybe somewhere "in the middle"
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^ tazy 8I0 is exactly like thanaz 8CA, exactly !!!
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Tazy 810s are cool but I don't think i can go any slimmer in the leg than thanaz. My calves are about to burst out of my thanaz's...
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