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hi everyone,

i just wanted to give y'all a heads up about a really bad buying experience this week. bought a pair of safado 8sx's from a seller called 'colorsinoptics.'

they sent me a pair of 'factory beyond seconds.'

NO BELT LOOPS on the jeans (well, 2 in the back actually - woo hoo - but the front and side ones are ripped off.

the jeans were listed as: 'new without tags.' they also went on in their listing to state: "Note: These jeans are first quality with no flaws. Please see image for details"

The jeans also have a hole and a pull on the bottom back of the calf (clearly not part of the design, all the holes on the 8sx's are reinforced).

most of all - who sends someone a pair of jeans without belt loops?? if the jeans didn't fit snugly i'd be totally screwed because you can't wear a belt with 'em.

here's the link to the auction: AUTHENTIC DIESEL SAFADO 8SX STRETCH 28 X 32 - eBay (item 390180848842 end time Apr-16-10 05:00:11 PDT)

i'll post pics of the waist, sans belt loops and the torn back leg later on.

i sent the seller an e-mail but they never responded.

horrible seller - buyers beware!!!