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jeans issue

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I recently sold a pair of Diesel Farco 85w jeans to Lilcram. He was unsatisfied with the jeans and decided to file a "item not received" with his credit card company. I forgot to include shipping confirmation and he took advantage. Who should I discuss this issue with on the forums?
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it's sad that we are listening to this stories again again on HF
not sure if this forum still have people in charge that can try to get over this thing tho...
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yeah, I just came back (after quite a while) to find some new diesels and something like this happens...
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See if you can get Dave to respond, I guess. You're kinda up shit's creek though if you have no proof of shipment; did you at least get a receipt from the post office? If you have this then you might be able to overturn it if it "didn't arrive" it would be on the post office then as long as the receipt is from an actual teller and not one of those automated mailing machines.
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I am going to have to dig to find the receipt... Lilcram seemed like a very reasonable person and has a lot of history here. I didn't realize he would go to this extreme. I guess the bottom line is more important. Now he can resell them at a 100% profit!!
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I have contacted Dave and hope that something will be resolved. I just want to protect the sellers here.
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Sellers protect themselves by using Paypal. As long as you shipped it, numbers can be found. Fuck lame ass buyers.
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just using paypal means diddly. Paypal backs buyers, not sellers; you have to prove that the items was shipped and if there's no shipping tracking number logged into paypal then it makes it very difficult to do anything. Even then, if the postal employee forgets to scan your package into their system (which happens frequently for international shipping), it looks like you paid for shipping but never sent the item.
The best way to protect yourself is to require signature confirmation and be as detailed in the paypal invoice describing the item as possible with links to the honestmall listing as well. Don't forget buyers could still hit you with item not as described and Paypal again takes buyer's side most of the time here too. Over documentation is the only way to have a shot; and if you print postage from paypal, take the package to a teller at the post office and watch them scan the package in as logged into their system in front of you- almost lost $200 on a pair of Zatiny 8YMs to a guy in China Monday because of this; luckily he was honest and withdrew his claim when they arrived.
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That is the protocol I usually follow but I wanted to get them quickly to Lilcram. As I was shipping them off, I was just praying this wouldn't happen. Problem is, buyers know that paypal will side with them and try to bully you. That's what happened in my case...I should have checked feedback because he apparently did a similar thing to dayro24. I guess I just gotta write this off as a lesson learned.
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send him an empty envelope with delivery confirmation...
then use that conf # in the paypal dispute and you will win...
its happened to me a few times from people trying to rip me off like this...

also if he has written to you talking about how he has the jeans and isnt happy with them you should put that in the dispute with paypal too
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Good thinking. I like how you work
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Originally Posted by jonnyblackfoot View Post
yeah, I just came back (after quite a while) to find some new diesels and something like this happens...

Nothing . I am sorry to tell you this, but un less you have a reciept or anything proving the item shipped you are fucked.

Sending an empty envelope probably won't work, because a) the dates don't add up and b)there is a discrency in the weight.

Dave won't do anything. He can't. I've asked him to help me out repeatedly but all I every got was thanks for handling it for me...pssh.

If this is true, Lil'Cram quit being a dick and give homeboy back his $$. Don't pull be faggot like Frable.

Best of luck buddy. It's a cold world out there.
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