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authenticity check please..

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Bought three of these on ebay..are these authentic? I was told these were authentic I just wanted to confirm..thanks!

True Religion JOEY BIG T Black Boot cut Jeans 31 X 30 - eBay (item 350338101283 end time Apr-14-10 14:45:16 PDT)

TRUE RELIGION Womens Billy Jeans *Sz 31* Authentic HOT! - eBay (item 300417464996 end time Apr-20-10 12:59:52 PDT)

True Religion women's Jeans! sz 32!!!! - eBay (item 220584795794 end time Apr-10-10 23:21:41 PDT)

I became worried after reading some of the guides on how to authenticate TR jeans, it mentioned that the tag is supposed to have a microstitch at the bottom of the tag and mine didn't have those.

Also, are these pairs really old already??

Please do check..I hope to hear from any of you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I do hope it's all real..
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all real.

First pair is pretty old.
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