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Diesel Boots?

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Are these boots by Diesel? What model are they?

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Thanks a bunch. I guess they're only available at ASOS?
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Its definitely not the first ones, I'd say its more like a boot version of the 2nd, or maybe even the 2nd look at the construction of the tongue and eyelits looks just like the 2nd, but the ones on the person look more like boots, but its hard to tell withe pants covering.

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I'd say its the second one linked, but boot version. The difference in colouring will be due to a sample being used (which will be more distressed than production in order to add detail to the image) OR the image has just been enchanced to boost the contrast, etc.
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It is the second one. Period. There was not a lace boot version of this shoe, only a zip up version. On the picture it looks as though it could be a boot, but is just the way that the hem is sitting on top of the shoe. The shoe is called 'ever' and was originally launched AW09 in tan brown and then followed in to this season with an eggshell colour, and this distressed pair. Be warned if you a buy a pair, they come up big.
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