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Dior Outlet Disappointment..

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So I found out that there is a Dior Factory Outlet in Orlando, so I was all psyched about what I might find there. Alas, they had one measley rack of men's clothing and a small case of glasses and things, but that was it. There were a total of 3 pairs of jeans and only one was somewhat normal, but it was a sz33 anyway. Has anyone else gone by a Dior Outlet and had better luck or are they all usually like this?

On the plus side, there's a Barney's, Neiman Marcus, Off Saks, Marni, Armani, Etro, Ted Baker, and few other designer Factory stores I was surprised to find that seemed better stocked.
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I didn't even know Dior factory outlet existed...
I was sure Dior hadn't any!
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I think dior outlet and dior factory outlet is the same thing. there's a couple dior outlets here in america.
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Designer Factory Outlet Malls have been popping up in major cities in the US over the past few years. I was just expecting more from the Dior one, especially when other more obscure designer outlets were better stocked. I guess maybe Dior just doesn't have as much to clear out
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I was at the Desert Hills Dior outlet recently and it definitely wasn't too exciting...but sounded better than your experience. For men's, there was quite a selection of shoes and accessories. I saw a few pair of jeans in random washes/sizes. Oh, and more than one rack of men's clothes
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There were a few athletic shoes as well; forgot about those. It was definitely geared more towards the females though. Probably just fitting the market with all the tourists in Orlando, whereas Desert Hills would warrant a greater Men's selection..
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There is a fantastic Dior outlet in Switzerland.  (Along with other designer names (Escada, D&G, Fendi, Prada to name a few) I live close to the Centre.  Anyone want anything I can photograph and post to you.

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Switzerland where?

do they have a lot of stuff?




and above all...

is this a real post?

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i found the web site(google)


 ITALY(foxtown) and Switz




 u know?




 in japan Dior/Dior homme



 i checked now, but in these days jeans not selling ( sold out before coming )




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Japanese know better the Good places for shopping than Europeans ;-)

Fowtown is very good

The one in Swiss has a Dior's shop...not far from U Evil (50km from Milan!!)

FoxTown CH-6850 Mendrisio  via A. Maspoli 18

Can give you the phone's number  of Dior's shop...If you are interested ;-)


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cos i have....


>phone number

no thx mate,




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thanks Sand, knew both Serravalle and Fidenza Outlet, didn't know about the Foxtown in Mendrisio

I'll  make a call, they seem to carry Christian Dior and Dior, not Dior Homme...


edit: nice, they carry Dior Homme as well, I'll have a look in the future!

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My outlet is hit or miss but they usually do have at least three different styles of denim 

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Does anyone went to Switzerland at Foxtown Mendrisio? How was the prices and choice at Dior's ?

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