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What the hell is Diesel doing!?

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hey everyone! I was recently in vegas staying with a friend. I went shopping for most of those days and visited 3 diesel stores. I used to work for diesel about 3 years ago. Diesel used to have really sick collections ever season. Here or there they had some really ugly delivers but i have never seen anything like what they are doing now. They are stearing towards more like an Abecrombie look!!! WTF is going on! Renzo Russo is the founder of diesel and my message to him is WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!!!!!! They are also cutting cost on denim. Some of the jeans are not made in italy. Just look on the back for the italian flag stiching. The material is italian but they are cutting cost and are being made in indonesia or something... ugh this is killing me. Diesel is loosing what made us shop there from the begining. Diesel is steering people away from what we used to put up with, like the high prices because we got unmestakable looks and quality for it. I still love diesel and will continue to shop but its just very dissapointing

what do you guys and gals think?
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grow up Dieselkid....
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i don't agree with that.. i think diesel has been the same imo.. they had some goods and bads.. i really like some of the new collections that came out recently.. i wasn't dissapointed at all..
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really? i think its all to bright and headed towards way to preppy. Idk maybee its just me
They used to make the coolest most original jewlery. Now not so, Style lab dissapeared. Black gold is the new style lab but not as edgy. Idk i still LOVEEEEEE Diesel but good collections are getting harder to come by
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I used to work for Diesel around 3 years ago as well. I have noticed a few changes -- the larger holed denim (8ZB, 8ZF) are different, but not bad in my opinion. They only account for 2 washes out of a massive range, and they were both pulled-off very well imo. As for not being made in Italy, this is true (I think it is more widespread now than it was before) but I don't think the quality has been compromised. It has allowed the cost of the cool washes to drop substantially. Also, you might remember the leather jackets used to be $900USD but are now $550. This is a byproduct of better globalization practices. As far as I know, the foreign factories are managed entirely by Italian nationals, with only local labour.

The real issue, I think, relates to the tee collections. The older collections (Royal Rock comes to mind) had legitimately creative designs -- I'm wearing one right now with frayed seams and glitter! Nowadays most of the tees seems to be a basic cut and fabric with the Diesel logo rehashed into various patterns as the print. I believe that Black Gold has taken all the "cool" designs and left the more basic stuff to the normal range. But now that Black Gold is being scaled back to an exclusive DDG-type range we may see a shift back to normal.

Overall, I think there is nothing to be alarmed about. The Diesel range is MASSIVE and there will always be something to complain about -- conversely, there will always be something fucking awesome which we can pick up and be happy with
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My only complaint is why is there so little Thanaz washes available when it seems to be the standard in modern denim cuts? (tried to sound like I know what i'm talking about )
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the problem is that they just push cuts like krooley darron viker safado etc........the sad thing is that no good thanaz wash was released and i have the bad feeling that things wont change in aw10 preview.
still waitin for thanaz 8ym etc.........
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Yes, the lack of Thanaz washes and the surplus of Krooleys and the like forced me to switch from Diesel this season. I hope this will change again!

However, apart from that I really don't think that the quality has suffered during recent years. There have always been a couple of washes not made in Italy as long as I remember. My only fear is that Diesel is doing more and more weird stuff, since competition in the jeans market is growing.
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Yeah i agree with you... diesel just seems lacklustre compared to DBG. If you don't like it then wait till the next collection for better designs. But for now i'm digging DBG they got some nice wash but too bad not all are available in the states. Check this out Diesel Online Store Men's PIVENOTI-P - Spring Summer - Diesel Black Gold - Official Online Store
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Well a lot of brand are turning into the A&F and Hollister desings, but diesel not much IMO. I did however like WAY more washes from previous season now I only like 2-3 at most when they used to have most jeans with great washes. I do agree that cutting down prices and making them in other places its bad.
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