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how to wash dry denim??

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Hey all!
I recently bought a dry denim and i am getting so touchy about it. It need a wash but i thought to first take your opinion before giving it first experience.
how should i wash my denim so it will keep its color and its size.
what laundry setting should i adjust for that and any tips on how to dry it after wash is also appreciable.
Thanks in advance.
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What is recently? You should put 100 or better 200 wears into them before having them washed! Is it really dry? Then you should have done a soak before wearing them to get done the shrinking. Or are those sanforized or one-wash?

If you wash them finally, use short or hand-wash programm and only cycle gently at around 400 rpm. Use something like woolite dark/black. Hang dry afterwards.
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I'd recomend just flipping them insight out. Give them a soak in a bucket of room temperature water with a little detergent. Swirl a few times and then leave for a few hours. Rinse once by filling the bucket with clean water, and then lay flat to dry.


then again, don't get too paranoid. They're just jeans man.

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