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7's and my Butt

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I'm a guy and every pair of jeans I have tried on do this wrinkle/crease thing on the rear end because I have a larger backside. These standard 7's do it less so. Is this how jeans are supposed to look on guys? I want to know your honest opinion before I take them to get hemmed.

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You have a massive fat bottom. I would advise you to lose some weight off your rear, try doing some exercise fatty! Alternatively, stick to wearing elasticated waist clothes, like tracksuits, shell suits or maternity jeans.
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^nice advices
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very helpful, I'm already anemic.
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^btw. it depends on how much ass you have
if you have an ass and sag jeans, it is almost inevitable

but having ass is not being fatty

and I'm sure girls like it... hehe
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I was kidding anyway. I know I'm not fat. I was just wondering if the jeans fit right? Maybe once they're washed, and broken in a little it will go away?
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Do some squats and glute kicks.
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Alright first of all you have no ass. Second the jeans look fine.
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