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**Sorry, disregard - I found them on ebay!!**

I saw a pair of Men's Ricky's in Macy's this past weekend, very light blue wash, with a patch horseshoe on the back pocket (the patch was slightly darker blue denim). I wrote down the style details from the tag, but it's lost in the mess of changing purses and travel this weekend! I tried to find the style that night via google (with the detail in front of me), but only found the exact style info in a darker denim color, it appeared, and I really loved the beachy/surf-y summer look of the very light blue denim and patch pocket. I tried to search this site but did not find what I was looking for.

Does this style ring a bell for anyone? Last two characters were FR, I remember that. Is it older or seasonal and is that why I couldn't find them online? Actually, I found links that were expired, so I am guessing it is an older style...The MSRP and Macy's price was $273. I'd rather find them elsewhere, obviously, given that price!

Thanks in advance for your help! I feel like my hubby must have these jeans!! IF they made them in women's I would pay the $273 for them for sure to get them for myself!