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I quit.

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This is a pm I received from a member today. This is the 3rd or 4th pm of it kind that I've received within the span of 4 months.

jks279, I am truly sorry to hear about his I hope everything works out. I wish I could more to help, but I can't. I am really tired of saying that to members, because I can empatize with them coming to forum they believe is Honest only to be jacked by some asshole with fucked up teeth and a pension for ripping people off. Anyways all this has lead to my decision of stepping down.

Sorry guys I tried to keep my hopes up for as long as I could, but it has become very apparent that nothing has changed. And as long as Dave is running this place it never will.

Below is the original post from the leaders section. Thats probably the only thing I'll miss about being a MOD, that and having the ability to ban people.

Originally Posted by jks279
judasswing is Brett Frable. I just sent a payment through glitch14620@gmail.com and found out it was him. I have filed a dispute through paypal. Please ban him...
Guess what Dave, he is back. What is this like the 4 or 5th member that Brettfrable has bamboozled into sending him $$ despite having been permanently banned half a million times?

Well, seeing as you have not done anything from preventing him from ripping off our members time and time again I doubt anything will change. I am tired of investing nearly all of my spare time to help keep YOUR forum free from spam at the expense of my time and others peoples money please accept my resignation from the MOD team, effective immediately.

I am also posting this in the HF CHAT. Have a good life.

Below is link directing you to the many threads dedicated to Brettfrables antics.
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Damn...that sucks.
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Ces - understandable, just keep in touch man.
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i'll still be here bro
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I don't understand, when you guys send payments, why don't you ask for a fucking invoice first? this way, you'll know who's requesting payment before you just send it to some random email address. I would never do a transaction without an invoice unless I dealt with the seller before or they have sufficient feedback.
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Some people do and report him immediately. the people that get screwed are the newbies, no offense, who have never even heard of this guy. Sad, really.
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^^all the best man. Don't disappear b4 you sell me your trouleg 8dks
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I'm sorry to hear that jks279...I think you can get a full refund since you've already opened a dispute. Paypal is holding your money now. If he doesn't refund your money continuously, just file a claim.
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cant u sew this fuckin ass bastard?
or fidn out his adress and gank him?i mean he is tauntin the whole forum and u can do nothin against him...
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He's actually the guy who I pm'd you about before. Never knew he was so infamous...

But I did get my denim after 2 weeks though...
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