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Help on Safado Wash

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Hey guys, I've been out of the game FOREVER and just recently sold my favorite wash of Zathans, my coveted 86t's.

I'm not familiar to any of Diesel's washes in the past 2-3 years so I was wondering what Safado was is most similar to the 86t's. Any help would be appreciated.

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zathan 86t is here ,u want this wash?

nice wash i think.
but i've never seen in safado like this wash....

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^^He wants a similar one in Safado, Sand.

You should check out 8SV and 8TA! (Although they are a little louder than 86T.)



Color-wise I also think of 8AT, 8XR, 73I, 8FF, 8BK...

Hope that helps!
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did 8c0 come in safado? I guess you could always pick up the zatiny 8c0
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i know...

sorry, confusing u by my bad english..


Originally Posted by Darnoc View Post
did 8c0 come in safado? I guess you could always pick up the zatiny 8c0
if u want 8c0 wash and tapered(safado),
how about darron-8c0??

but, frank's recommended wash is similar , IMO.

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Thanks guys for all the recomendations...I think I'll try to track down a pair of the 8TA's.
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^ Safado 8LD man, your best bet.
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I'd say 8cy, although it's not a very liked wash:

AuthenticForum - View Single Post - Safado 8CY w/pics
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for checking 8TA & 8LD

sorry closed
 safado-8TA on ebay(closed), helpful for checking pics(frank uploaded in this thread)

now on selling
 safado-8LD on YOOX


why u close up 8cy??
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