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needs opinion for mens

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Hi Umar!

My opinions on these:

1. What makes you think these are not authentic? It would be news for me that fake denim jackets are produced already ...

2. How are we supposed to tell if these are real when the seller uses stock photos?

3. I've never seen fake Seven non-jeans pants, so why should these be fake? Besides that, just look at the white sticker and the lable and you'll see they're authentic.

4. If you use the "Search" function of this forum you'll find a couple of threads telling you that VIPFashions is a reputable seller that can be trusted. No need to ask us again on this matter!

5. I'm not sure - they might be authentic, but I'd need to see a picture of the inner lable.

Greets, Bianca
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Wow Bianca, you read my mind.

I was going to say, "thanks for sending me to an item that only uses stock photos," but you said it for me. Same with the comments on the authenticities.

Also, there is NOTHING in any of these auctions, (except the one with the stock photos) that triggers suspision towards being fake.

I don't understand why people feel the need to challenge everything they buy, especially when there is nothing even remotely fake about it. I would be confident to say that all of these items are 100% authentic, except the D&G item which is inconclusive due to the lack of evidence either way.

Either way, stop being so paranoid. If there is nothing that shouts "Fake!", there is a chance that it's not.
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alrite...alrite.....got ur message.. ... thanks anyway... I am a bit paranoid if comes to fashion in ebay....
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