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Made in Morocco

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Hi everyone!
Could please somebody say something about Diesel`s moroccan denim?
Especially about Thanaz8c9. Are they worse than italian ones???
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Depends . Some may be better some may not . So it doesnt matter most of the times.
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still better than tunisia imo
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^^^ A big plus one to that! I bought a pair that were made in tunisia and they were god awful!
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My 8AT are from Tunisia. Totally fine.
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jeans are all based on italian design and materials anyways- it's just constructed there so the worst part maybe the variation from pair to pair. It's the original stuff that comes out of Tunisia that's hit or miss usually. The moroccan original releases are usually more exclusive and better made
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From what I understand they have Italian nationals running all the factories, with the same quality materials etc. Just with local workers. The quality is no different imo. Its just that the more complex washes (8YM for example) need more attention so are made in Italy, where presumably more experienced employees are able to work on them.
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ok, clear ) Thenk You
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