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Authenticity check, anybody?

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Mens Rock & Republic Jeans NEIL Size 31 X 30 Bootcut - eBay (item 320509244292 end time Apr-02-10 17:55:21 PDT)
Seller says they are bootcut, but I thought all Neil's were straight fit?
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LOLZY there is no need to bump. not on here. You were what, the second post? They look like Straight-to-discounts to me.
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Good price if they were legit, though.
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How about these?

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Sadly, those are real. Not one of their greatest pairs and the stitching shows the shift in their quality over the past few seasons. I'm guessing it's been cost cutting measures....
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That's what bankruptcy does to you.
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These were technically released before the bankruptcy filing but their cost cutting measures before the filing certainly weren't going to help them. There's a difference between cost cutting that goes unnoticed to the consumer and the kind of cost cutting that R&R has done.
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