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Safado fit on me !?

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Just for know you opinion on how it look on me for you plz ?! It's Safado in 27x32 !

Thanks !
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i cant see the pics...
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Really ?! I see them ! oO
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Seeing them now ?!
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looks good to me mang
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a tad long tho
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^you two know each other? lol.
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nice fit, but no need to post 1st, 2nd, 3rd pics(w/o T) IMO.
we can judge only last one pic.

but only last one pic, it looks like viker, ww.
so, it is good to post pics w/t T, IMO.

^you two know each other? lol.
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They look nice, I have the same wash and love it. But its kinda wierd when I sit down for a a couple minutes and I start feeling wet on the patches lol
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Shirt please WTF....

PS i have a Jack Russell too!!!
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Hey that was my pair! xD but so tight on me I had to sell it

Fit is good, maybe a tad long.
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yep, a tad long
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Yes it's yours

Have removed the pics, will post other later !

Yes I'm thinking too that's a tad long, I don't know if I have to hem them !? It's just a little long, not much ?!
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Fit is OK, I wouldn't hem them.
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If you want to hem them and you live in Paris I can give you the adress of a very good tailor.
It's the one that do the tailoring for the diesel flagship just 2 blocks away.
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Remember where you send them ! Not in Paris ! lol

Par contre les 2 Zathan 89Z et 8AA, vais les faire slimmer et raccourcir !
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^^ give him this address cause he would look much better in 1 inch shorter safados. Other than that they fit well. I don't like this tee with huge graphic.
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^^ I sold a bunch of my diesel's lately so I don't remember all the buyers adresses xD

Je suis deg, le 89z je l'adorais mais vraiment trop petit :/ mais un peu long je te le concède, par contre le 8AA était nikel, mais je l'avais en safado donc je me suis séparé du zathan.
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i like stacking a lot on safado... do not hem IMO
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What wash is this Safado?
Look good!
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Yes 71J, best diesel wash IMO !
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73J is better! :lol I want 71J now.
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Are these the shoes you plan on wearing with these?

Stacking looking okay if you are wearing the right shoes.

Don't hem but lose the shoes, imo.
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I think they look good as is. You can flip the bottom up a tad if you want them a bit shorts. Dont overdue it though lol
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